A Year Later

It’s been over a year since I graduated. Do I have anything special to report back? Not sure honestly. Maybe special to me. I won a few medals at the Doce Pares World Championship. I train in eskrima more than I thought I would. Got to come back and coach the Rutgers Filipino Martial Arts club. I have a job in IT. Been there nine months. Really getting a taste of the real world. Living the dream. Not yet sure if I like this dream. I mean things are better than they were when I first graduated. I was miserable then. Spent most of my days angry or depressed. Was not being myself at all. Now things are so much better. I’m doing the things I said that I wanted to do. Still I feel like their is something missing. The joy isn’t there like it used to be. I find myself looking for the missing pieces to this puzzle.


News Flash!!! The Flash Might Just Be Awesome Sauce After All

Quick fact about me, I AM A HUGE COMIC BOOK FAN!!! Ok, now that we have that out in the open, let me tell you about my first reaction to the CW’s new series, The Flash. Yup, I saw the pilot episode of a series not due out until the fall. Now since this isn’t supposed to premiere until October, there is no guarantee that what I saw is what will be the final result. Either way I was mostly pleased with what I saw. Are you familiar with the CW’s other superhero show, Arrow? Well if you aren’t then you should be, but if you are then you are aware that Arrow had a rocky start initially and it took a while for the show to find its footing and place its mark. Now that the show has it is driven and fueled with confidence. That same confidence is breathing life into the The Flash, the similarities between the two shows extend beyond the costume designs. The show does not seem to be as dark and brooding as the Nolan-esque Arrow, which is actually a good thing. What I didn’t want to see was an Arrow carbon copy. What we have here is a series using the steam of Arrow to create its own track…hopefully. This first episode was strong and it did hit the ground running (pun very much intended).

Grant Gustin does a much better job as Barry Allen than I imagined. I admit when I first learned of his casting, I was critical. He was too baby faced and scrawny. Now after watching the pilot I see that Gustin has captured Allen’s charm and altruism. Gustin has the drive, I just wish he had a better looking suit.

Nothing is perfect, of course there were some minor things that bugged me, but that is expected and once again no one said that this was the final product. From what was shown, this series has so much to offer and from the numerous of Nerd-gasm moments in the pilot alone it is easy to see that this show has big plans. Many of the shows easter eggs were screaming at you; I am sure that none comic book fans could figure out that there was some importance behind some of those moments. Looking forward, we should expect some major expansions of the DC Universe now that we have Arrow and now The Flash. This can mean anything and this can go anywhere. I am really excited for The Flash and I think others should be too. I think this show will definitely be worth watching.

I’m a big boy now!

Yesterday, May 18th 2014, was a big day for me. After six years at Rutgers University, I graduated. It feels so goooooooooooooddd!!! Whoo yeah! Thanks! Simmer down everyone. So now this part of my life is over. I now start a new journey, a greater journey. Now I use my skills that I have accumulated through my years at Rutgers. So I take my first step onto this new path. Yup, I am taking that step. Here I go…I’m stepping…I’m…anyone have a map? I have no clue what I am doing right now. What is my next step? How am I supposed to know that? I never read anything about that, it wasn’t on any exam I took.

You know, we are called college kids for a reason. We are exactly that, just kids in college. Some of us mature and figure it out along the way. But most, not so much. We are an army of kids with adult freedom without adult responsibility. I know nothing about the real world. I know nothing about paying bills, negotiating salaries, or taxes. Who is going to hold my hand now? Where is the syllabus for this course? Now of course I am thinking I should just get a job. I went to school so I could earn a degree so that I could obtain a high paying job. But that isn’t as simple as it seems.

So now I am home with family, which is cool because I missed them. I am just sitting home, spending time with family, catching up on t.v., and finally getting to dedicate myself to a few goals  that felt fleeting for a time (Mom, I’m going to start blacksmithing). These are just some of my plans as I go out into the world and figure out what I am going to do with life.  I’ll probably start an OKCupid account or something like that along the way (I heard adults have a hard time making friends). It is QUITE exciting, I think. So stay tuned as we find out what happens as the douglife collides with real life.

Help My Friends Get To Hungary



Hey! HEY!!!! Want to do something nice for someone? Or just want to give some money away? I really don’t care about your reasons for doing so, but could you help my club out? My club, the Rutgers University Martial Arts club is trying to raise money to send two of its members to Hungary to compete in this year’s WEKAF World Championship. These two members worked very hard to earn gold, and the right to compete in Hungary, at this year’s East Coast National Qualifying Tournament. Now we need the help of the public to assist us in raising money to send them on to the next level of competition.

If you would really like to help us, please follow this link. Thank you all!

Went to Nationals…Defeated…But Still Excited

So this past Sunday was the Northeast Nationals Qualifying tournament for the WEKAF World Champion this summer in Hungary. I competed in the Men’s Heavyweight division. I lost badly. The guy I lost to went on to win the whole division. He was really good and I was glad to see him go on and win it. I’m not too beat up over my loss. I have no problem with losing. My problem is that I lost while not fighting at my best. I feel like I wasted all that hard work from training. Oh well, I am over it. I can honestly say that because I got to see two of my teammates win gold and one win bronze. The gold medalists are off to Hungary for World’s. My excitement for their achievement more than outweighs my feelings about my loss. I really am happy for them. Can’t wait to see them compete in Hungary. Congrats guys! Good luck guys, I am behind you all the way.

This can’t be for real…

I have to really question the Rutgers IT program this time around. I am going to say the worse thing about a person I have ever said ever. I have a professor that may need to be put down. I am enrolled in Digital Hardware Basics, this class is obviously a technology class. But the professor doesn’t seem to understand what that requires of him. This man is hard of hearing and can’t see well, not something I would normally complain about, especially if the professor knows his material. BUT THIS GUY!!!! This guy always seems lost and confused, it is sad. But the real kicker is his lack of knowledge in regards to the class subject manner. He started the class with “I’m not very good with technology”. I personally thought it was a joke, but that was clearly a mistake. Later on his phone went off and he apologized, turned it off, and explained how he was still learning about cellphones. 20 minutes later his phone went off again. A later class he went on about a term that was probably outdated and probably not used anymore. He was referring to firmware…. This class has been a ride so far. I decided to start a twitter hashtag #thingsmyITprofsays. So yeah, look out for that.

My Mug Is Cooler Than Your Mug

So I received what I consider to be the best gift ever.  A mug. Now this is no ordinary mug, this is a mug that screams me. This mug was designed, by hand, by a wonderful and dear friend of mine. It was a surprise gift and I screamed like a fan girl when I saw it. It was a extremely kind thing of her to do. I really love this mug, it really captures what is Doug. I so want an office now, that way I can put it on my desk at my dead end job. I want to sit there feeling high and mighty knowing that my mug reigns supreme over other mugs. But back to reality, I honestly do appreciate this gift. It is super amazing!


MY MUG! Back I say!!!